Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy new year and i hope it will be a great year for all.

 It is been a while since i posted a last blog because  i was actually busy to prepare for my first exhibition.

From January 7th to 12th i joined the joint exhibition of painters in Mireya gallery which is located in Ginza.(Ginza area is a kinda mecca of art freaks so there are hundreds of art galleries!)

That was my very first time exhibition now just finished so I feel somewhat relieved that done properly without any accident.

This joint exhibition theme was "Happy new sheep year"(Cause in Japanese zodiac 2015 is the year of sheep)

 I displayed 5 art works. so i introduce and explain 5 of them.

 1.Bashful Lamb

 I made it for this exhibition.

Lamb,She is holding and drinking a Melon soda float(Japanese style ice cream soda;Soda water is colored a brilliant green with melon syrup. Then a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream and A maraschino cherry is added on top) and look and smile bashful her boyfriend suppose to be sitting opposite side of her, not drawn in the painting though.
  Image of  Melon soda 

In order to highlight pink lamb i used a complementary color green for drink(Melon soda float).

Materials: Acryl Gouache,pink sheep wool,Medium,Glitter powder,seals,magazine;mixed media

2. Ganesha's day off

I posted before but i explain it again.

I am interested in mystery and fantasy like gods,fairies,witches/wizards,magic and so on...especially i am attracted by Ganesha;one of the gods of Hindu.

Ganesha,it is actually a male though in my painting it transformed to female.

If Ganesha,she had a day-off without any worries she lies down on her bed and drinking,talking on her cellphone,eating chocolate&Ramen noodles same time using 4 hands.

She can be lazy only for today and near on her shoulders there was a Rat(In hindu's story Ganesha is shown seated on a rat. The reason for saying that Ganesha 'rides' on the rat is that the rat is among the greediest of all animals.)went wild and drinking a beer! 

                        Image of Ganesha and Rat

At first i just wanted to draw Ganesha itself  then i  thought about what situation is interesting ...and this idea came up to me.

Materials: Acryl Gouache,Hologram paper,plastic bag,fake flower,ribbon,nail art stones,beads,fountain pen;mixed media

3.Ganesha's B-day party

After i made "Ganesha's day off "painting my teacher of art school advised me  to continue this Ganesha themed series.So i decided to go on.

This is my second Ganesha themed painting.It took 2 months to finish.and this is the biggest painting F15,what i drawn in canvas.

For Ganesha's Birthday party gods from world came to celebrate her in her room.

It reflects my thought ,put everything what i like in this painting.

From the left Venus,Tengu(one of Japanese gods of wind lives in Mountain) ,Jesus christ,Ganesha,Buddha,Anubis,Fire bird and bottom of the middle Angel (eating ice cream)

                        Image of Tengu

                           Image of Anubis

I placed characters like a painting"last supper" by Leonard DaVinci and placed gods of different culture i put the thought "Peace" into this painting,without any fear and fight people of the world gather together and laugh each other.

Materials:Acryl Gouache,glitter powder,nail art stones,Medium,seals,polymer clay,Origami,decopatch paper,ribbon tapes,spangles, fountain pen :mixed media

4.Collage Venus

This painting also posted before.

I made it for decopatch contest and fortunately i was chosen in a design award of decopatch contest themed Botticeli's Birth of venus.

decopatch contest   →→→

Materials:fountain pen,Acryl gouashe,spangles,glitter powder,decopatch paper

5.St.Mary's Decoration wreath

Materials:wools,polymer clay,Acryl gouache,medium,ribbon,glitter powder,glue;mixed media

I hope i can join another exhibition in this year,2015.

Gambarimasu! I'll do my best!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Today i post collage art works.

1.Collage art note book
→I made it for me even when i am upset,this note book makes me smile and cheer me up☺

2.Collage art "Girl"
→Everything girl wants to which is me,i put in this art work.

3.Collage art "Mature"


Monday, December 1, 2014

I make not only paintings but also some small goods likes especially some Accessories.

Today i post some brooches & necklace.
1.Audrey Hepburn themed brooches.
→3 color types of collage brooches.

2.Saint Mary themed brooch.
→Drawing Saint Mary by color pencil on  shrinking plastic and sewing mixed brooch.

3.Pink Tutankamen+Hello kitty fusion brooch
→Using shrinking plastic and covered by Resin.

4. Triceratops necklace
→Using Triceratops toy and painted pink
and did some collage.

5.Ganesha brooch
→Using shrinking plastic.

Friday, November 28, 2014

I post this picture.

I choose "Ganesha",one of the Hindu's God for this painting .

If Ganesha had a day off, she(Actually it is male though in my painting it is a girl) laid down on her bed and using four hands eating,drinking,Scratching,talking on her cellphone in the same time.

I am interested in fairytales,Gods of the world,Magic,Japanese pop culture, american toys and Vivid colors,especially pink.

 I want to mix and fuse these things together and express myself through my art work. 

My skill is not enough so i am not satisfied though actually i continue this theme,Ganesha as series so now i am making another Ganesha themed painting.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hi,i am Yuka,30.Japanese female who lives in TOKYO.

I'm an artist.

I actually started to take action seriously becoming an Artist about a year ago.(I will post details why i started later)

As my blog's title stands for,i use Collage and some Assemblage Technics to make paintings and some accesaries.

This blog will be my art work gallery on web,i hope.

I post this picture  it is a collage painting themed Sandro Botticelli's "Birth of venus".

Materials:decopatch paper, Acrylic Gouache, sequins,nail polish,Glitter powder<br>and fountain pen.

I also have a &nbsp;blog in Japanese.<br><br>→→日本語のブログ,my blog in Japanese